Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updating..Oopsie :)

SO's been a month!! Sorry! I'm being a lazy butt!!! FYI..I DID meet BOYZ II MEN again!! They were day I'll post pics!!

Okay so WW is about in the dumpster...I was SO dang darn with it the first few months..I don't know what to do with myself...I need a partner in crime!! Bicycle crime!! Yes!! That sounds fun & not too dangerous lol.

Okay...Mom and I took a trip at the end of March to see her friend who had moved to Arizona. Boy oh boy were we excited!! It had started snowing again here in Utah & we were happy to leave!! We had so much fun!! It was GORGEOUS weather & just a blast!! We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Makayo's (I believe that is correct) and their home is just beautiful. Arizona is beautiful. It was perfect weather the entire time!! 70s-80s. Lots of chocolate out there!!! Those who know me know what I am referring to :)

We also went to a PRO baseball game (Spring training) it was AWESOME!! Colorado Rockies against umm California..something somethin :) hehe Let's OF COURSE was on the agenda...and guess what??? I didn't spend much money!!! You heard it correctly...I, Stephanie Ann Carter did not shop too much!!! :) *roaring crowd applauding*

We drove by this LARGE home being built (but stopped halfway through) and I the fantastic smarty pants I am...shmoofed us in!! Yep!! I shmoofed!! If you haven't heard of the term "shmoofed" (aka snuck, broken into lol) The window was cracked and my arm happened to crack it open further and maybe (definitely maybe) turn the knob of the locked door... Okay!! I'm not so innocent!! And it felt goooooood!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeal good!! LOL!! We got to walk the kinda sorta mansion...and boy did I want to take some furniture home to papa... (I like it when they call me big going off subject here..pardon the dust!) The place was huge!! It didn't have carpet yet, but very very nice!!! HUUUUUUGE "bath tub" nothing like you would see in a normal was like a kingdom or something. lol. *I hear my Mom laughing at this comment* was a good time!! And no hand cuffing this time (darn it)

I think it's about time to end this blog for tonight...12:12am and I work tomorrow!! Am I crazy???? (do NOT answer that) :) Have a fabulous weekend if I don't talk before then...and as always...keep it pinkk


Kayleen said...

Love your blog! When's the next get away?

Stephanie said... tell me!! :) *Wink wink*