Saturday, April 18, 2009


I had a dream last night that I was pregnant...I was was I guess I was 9 months along & my mother is taking me to the hospital...we get there & realize...I have no clue who baby daddy is (THE WORST NIGHTMARE POSSIBLE!!) I tell my duh! He would be there if we knew who he was...she falls down the stairs & faints. I'm hysterical because that would be hideous if that really happened. It's taking forever for the doctor's to get me into the labor room. I feel my tummy and hmm.. it doesnt feel like a big huge bump (maybe I really felt it in my sleep who knows lol) And I woke up sad because I'm not pregnant :( LOL and happy because I WILL know who my baby daddy is when I have one!!!

Ahhh the joys of singlehood.


Me said...

You're too funny! You can have my babies..or at least borrow them. Good deal? yeah! Its like a calorie free candy bar. You get all the joy without the weight gain!

Shaylynn..Shay..Shayzers...Shaybo...Shaybe..Shaymus... said...

I have had the exact who's the daddy dream?!?!?

Stephanie said...

Hilare Danielle!! I will do it!! You and Kyle can have date night one of these days...or nights & I will watch the boys! :) Birth control maybe? But they're SO cute!! And Shay...that is CRAZY!! I was SO gonna cry if that was real!!! I would duh-duh-duh-diiiiiiie!!!! LOL