Saturday, January 31, 2009

SkiNnY DiPpiN

First off, I wanted to start this blog with a fun title! And...skinny dippin says it all! So don't be offended *I'm not LOL *cheeeeeeeeese* And I found this dog pic online & just HAD to put it up!!! hehe

I started doing Weight Watchers (WW) with my Mom, Sister & Best friend. We began at the beginning of this year, 2009. I have never been SO motivated in my life to lose weight. I think it's all because of the scale. I've never been a skinny girl, but I've always dreamt! *Hey! A girl can dream!*

So we've gone to all the meetings each week & counted our points, etc..... I've lost every single time I've weighed in. Even if it's only a pound, or .2 lbs I've kept at it. I want SO badly to be healthy & "transform" my body, if you will.

Today was a BIG *boom* day for me....I lost 3 lbs!!! Which is our 4th week.... and brings me to a total of 8.6 lbs!!! I am SO proud of myself & for going so far with WW. I keep myself motivated....I really don't know how...but I do...I am afraid of getting "diabetes" or another disease that is very unhealthy. So I try to stay focused. And if you know know I'm a sugar nut!! Not a health nut!! :) It's so great, because with WW you CAN eat...I don't really feel like I'm "stuck" to eating boring... "diet" foods! I hate the word diet....because like our leader said on our first meeting... WW is not a diet, "diets" take food away from you. You can eat ANYTHING you want, as long as you portion what you eat & take the points for it.

I guess I just wanted to share my "little tiny piece of success" ....not because I want people to give me attention...I write because this is my "diary" if you will...without all the juicy stuff!!

HA HA! Jk Mom!!

Today is a Pinkalicious Pictures, Images and Photosday!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

*LaTiN LoVe*

So...tonight was a neighbor of ours daughter's wedding. They are from Colombia, and her husband (as of today) is from of COURSE we wanted to go. The wedding started at 6....and of course we were there early & the wedding didn't ACTUALLY start at 6 lol. I'm not mocking latin people, but I've had lots of friends from Mexico, Peru etc...and they do not do time! Period. LOL.

So the wedding finally starts & it was SO fun!! It was not an ordinary "Utah wedding" & that was one of the big reasons I was so excited to go. It was very different from what we're used to seeing here. And I'm sorry to say...but my wedding (if I ever find THE ONE) will be very unique (just like lil OLD me). They walked down the isle with a faster paced music & they didn't do the "one step next step" thing we do was awesome! The person who married them was from the LDS church & he spoke Espanol and the other man translated for English speaking guests. I caught bits & pieces of what he was saying (Mom and I are taking Spanish...since Cory is on his mission...more about him in another post) But I was glad they had someone translating, because it was hard to pick up everything & Spanish is so fast!!! AHHHH!!

They signed the wedding papers & then hugged everyone who came...then we go to sit at the tables (for dinner) and do toasts for the couples with yummy grape-apple Martinelli's. The groom's father was not able to come, along with his older brother & sister, because they live in Brazil. His mother was there & I guess his father & siblings had her bring a video of them congratulating him & his wife etc...He was crying of course & it was just so sweet...

Next the couple had their first dance together...Michael Buble "Everything" & I've always wanted the song "Save The Last Dance For Me" to be played at MY wedding. And so tonight I told my Dad to please start saving $$ because I physically want Michael Buble there to sing...and then I added "and Boyz II Men too!" LOL!! That would be a perfect wedding...I wonder what my hubby would think....Why do I keep talking about MY wedding?? I'm not even dating the lucky guy yet!!!!

Okay on with the show... they had their dance & then people were able to go up and dance...and they did that for about a half an was really fun to watch. Then we had dinner.... scrumptious!! I believe it was chicken cordon bleu. Very yummy!! The bride's aunt I believe cooked....was delish! Then they did more dancing...FUN FUN FUN!! It was seriously a really fun wedding!! SO different & unique for me....I loved it!! Mom and Dad danced *along with the nieghbor's we went with* and I took pics!! Ha ha!! Then Dad danced with me and it was fun!! Then our neighbor Marcos and I danced...and he showed me how I should dance...Ive danced with Latin music before...but it has been a few years.... Here is the Stephanie short version of latin dancing: "shake those hips!! shake ya booty!! and move move move!!" It was SO MUCH FUN!! Lots of calories I burned tonight!!! WAHOOOOO!!!

After all the dancing they cut the cake....and yes they nicely put the cake into each others mouths. Very sweet. They are a gorgeous looking couple & I'm happy for them, even though I don't know them really well. All in all I had a WONDERFUL evening with my parents & the neighbors...Oh yes!! One important thing....there were LOTS of cute guys!! The bad thing about them....they were ALL with women!! Just my luck! So I say to all of my Spanish readers (lol I don't think I have ANY readers lmao!!!) CUANDO CUANDO CUANDO (when when when) will I find mi el amor!?!?! I've been waiting 28 very LONNNNNNNNG years & I'm about ready to settle down!! So.....if you know of any cute, sweet men.....HOLLAR!!!! :) *(and may hear this in every deal!! lol)

That was my wonderfully fun Saturday night!! Thanks for reading!! Until next time...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first blog!!!! LOL

Hey all!!

I am so absolutely TERRIBLE at this blog thing!! I've had this since June & haven't done a thing!! I'm SO sorry!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous & wonderful Christmas & New Year!!

I guess I will just start & tell a little about me..... he he
I am working at Red Hanger Corporate Office in SLC...I've been there 7 years this month!! What a crazy long time!!! I love my job & I'm very thankful to have one, especially right now! I'm still single *boring!* Dating is not very fun these days... I am 28 years old...I live with the family. I like to have fun with friends, listen to music, go to movies & laugh laugh laugh!!

Cory is on a mission as you may know *Mexico City South Mission* Mom & I are taking a Spanish lesson each week with a lady in our neighborhood. So much fun, yet so hard at the same time. We love her & are thankful she is taking time out to teach us!!

I don't know what else to say...I don't have kids to brag yeah!! :) Here it is...Stephanie's first blog!!! WOO WOO