Saturday, March 7, 2009

This & That

Sorry for the lack of writing...I really am SO new to this that I'm unsure what to write about!! Anyway...I'm still doing WW (sort of lol) I haven't counted points at ALL this week!! I'm like oh no!! And today was weigh in...for sure I must have gained....but I DID go dancing with my friend last night for my "workout" LOL and I lost .6!!!! WOO WOO! I can't pat myself on the back too much because I've gained about 3 since I started in January...but hey! It's better than nothing, right? RIGHT!

On an even more exciting note.... Boyz II Men Pictures, Images and Photos
I AM GOING TO SEE BOYZ II MEN tonight in Wendover!!! YESSS!! I am SO thrilled!!! I was able to see them...MEET them in August because I have a wonderful AUNT & UNCLE who have great hook ups!!! Sharon & Howie!! Candice, my Mom, and I (and a few of my friends) were able to see them in Orem, at the Scera in August 2008. It was the BESSSSST concert I've ever been to (yes meeting them was a hit!! and probably made it that much better) So I am STOKED about tonight!!! I'm sure they'll want to meet me again... I mean c'mon! Who wouldn't??? We shall see!! LOL

So with my busy life of meeting FINE men & losing teensie by teensie....I'm living the life!!! (Okay so maybe it's not thaaaaaaaat great...but it's MY life & I LOVE IT!!)

Perfection isn't always easy, nor necessary...but for my the perfectly pinkk life & have a grrrrrrrrrrreat weekend!!!