Saturday, January 31, 2009

SkiNnY DiPpiN

First off, I wanted to start this blog with a fun title! And...skinny dippin says it all! So don't be offended *I'm not LOL *cheeeeeeeeese* And I found this dog pic online & just HAD to put it up!!! hehe

I started doing Weight Watchers (WW) with my Mom, Sister & Best friend. We began at the beginning of this year, 2009. I have never been SO motivated in my life to lose weight. I think it's all because of the scale. I've never been a skinny girl, but I've always dreamt! *Hey! A girl can dream!*

So we've gone to all the meetings each week & counted our points, etc..... I've lost every single time I've weighed in. Even if it's only a pound, or .2 lbs I've kept at it. I want SO badly to be healthy & "transform" my body, if you will.

Today was a BIG *boom* day for me....I lost 3 lbs!!! Which is our 4th week.... and brings me to a total of 8.6 lbs!!! I am SO proud of myself & for going so far with WW. I keep myself motivated....I really don't know how...but I do...I am afraid of getting "diabetes" or another disease that is very unhealthy. So I try to stay focused. And if you know know I'm a sugar nut!! Not a health nut!! :) It's so great, because with WW you CAN eat...I don't really feel like I'm "stuck" to eating boring... "diet" foods! I hate the word diet....because like our leader said on our first meeting... WW is not a diet, "diets" take food away from you. You can eat ANYTHING you want, as long as you portion what you eat & take the points for it.

I guess I just wanted to share my "little tiny piece of success" ....not because I want people to give me attention...I write because this is my "diary" if you will...without all the juicy stuff!!

HA HA! Jk Mom!!

Today is a Pinkalicious Pictures, Images and Photosday!!!


Me said...

Good on you Girlie! I'm PROUD of you! Taking control of ones health is a big deal and can be such a challenge (I would know!) I'm proud (and jealous at the same time). I need to find my dedication!

Stephanie said...

You look great!! You've had kids and look just awesome!! I'm doing it for me... I shold have started many years ago. LOL

Shaylynn.. said...

Congrats woman! i'm excited for you, my mom lost 50 pounds on weight watchers, she knows all the tricks. Good luck!