Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first blog!!!! LOL

Hey all!!

I am so absolutely TERRIBLE at this blog thing!! I've had this since June & haven't done a thing!! I'm SO sorry!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous & wonderful Christmas & New Year!!

I guess I will just start & tell a little about me..... he he
I am working at Red Hanger Corporate Office in SLC...I've been there 7 years this month!! What a crazy long time!!! I love my job & I'm very thankful to have one, especially right now! I'm still single *boring!* Dating is not very fun these days... I am 28 years old...I live with the family. I like to have fun with friends, listen to music, go to movies & laugh laugh laugh!!

Cory is on a mission as you may know *Mexico City South Mission* Mom & I are taking a Spanish lesson each week with a lady in our neighborhood. So much fun, yet so hard at the same time. We love her & are thankful she is taking time out to teach us!!

I don't know what else to say...I don't have kids to brag about...so yeah!! :) Here it is...Stephanie's first blog!!! WOO WOO


Me said...

YAY! Welcome aboard sista! I've been thinking about you..and just haven't made the time to sit down and send you an email!! There is alot going on around here. Have you been keeping up with my blog? I've got two now!!

Come visit us

Sherra said...

Stephanie!! I love your blog!! It was so fun reading and finding things out about you that I never knew. Did you HONESTLY put curlers in your hair to become a 60s girl? That had to have a been a wig right??? You are HILARIOUS!!! You make me want to enjoy life more. You have such a positive outlook on things. Congrats on the weight loss!! That is awesome! I know you will be able to get healthy like you want to. You seem very determined to stay healthy. You are an inspiration to me!! Say hi to your fam for me. I can't wait to read your next entry!!
Take Care- Sherra (your cuz or 2nd cuz or something like that)